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Young L's As I Float: The Great John Nash Mixtape

If you would have told us a bunch of years ago that Imogen Heap would be the unofficial (potentially unknowing muse) to a whole generation of young rappers and producers, we would have been like, Haha! What the hell? Okay! Sounds good. It's actually not the most far-fetched option, it's just that young rappers have lately taken a turn inward, and hearing her vocals, which, by the way, sound like rubbing your cheek on lambswool stretched out over an entire mixtape, is actually a revelation. Leave it to Young L—the man behind some of the weirdest, most cold beats we've heard in the last couple years—to drop an entire tape of warm jams and hoarse introspection. But here it is: As I Float: The Great John Nash. All Imogen Heap, all Young L. Kinda weird! But also a concept worth exploring, we're glad someone finally got it together and did it so we could stop having extended office conversations about whether or not Imogen Heap was actually as influential as we were starting to think.

Download: Young L, As I Float: The Great John Nash (Alternate D/L)

Young L's As I Float: The Great John Nash Mixtape