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Video: Nikkiya, "Cheater"

The chain-rattling beat on Nikkiya's "Cheater," bolstered by a straight-shouted chorus, is instantly menacing, the sonic equivalent to the fantasy violence Nikkiya perpetrates at sawed-off gunpoint on her unfaithful boyfriend and his unsuspecting date. Put that cheater in the trunk/ I think he gotta learn a lesson, and I'm gonna teach his ass is a tough refrain—and memorable—but the secret strongest moment is the verse, sung just as passionately but with a hair less aggression. Nikkiya's singing voice doesn't lend itself as perfectly to flexing and gun fingers, but it evokes deeper parts of scorn, sharing little moments of weakness before she flips over the kitchen table and guts her ex-man.

Video: Nikkiya, "Cheater"