Stream: Courtship’s Eve Remix EP


San Francisco’s Courtship (né Patric Fallon) recruited four producers from around the globe (one from Portugal and at least two Finns) to give his early-summer EP Eve the remix treatment. Papercutz‘ take on “Housed” starts among high-register grand piano keys before he kicks the instrument down the stairs, notes and marimba strikes tumbling over one another, approaching chaos. The track recomposes around a semi-industrial, grinding bass line, Fallon singing about sexual deviance and However did you get the impression that every man was made for your affection, except his words are rising and falling, drunkenly, and he pronounces impression more like impress-shawn. In contrast, Drop/Dead, Drifter and Albert Swarm all skew their efforts instrumental, with sparse helpings of Fallon’s original vocals obscured and drawn-out with heavy reverb. His voice just sounded so greasy on “Housed” that all three of these remixes feel a little brighter in comparison, more optimistic. It’s always dark, but there’s hope.

Stream: Courtship’s Eve Remix EP

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