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Synth Wizards Collaborate in Front of Your Eyes


When we first heard RVNG’s FRKWYS Vol. 7, a collaboration between heady drone luminaries Dan Lopatin, Laurel Halo, James Ferraro, David Borden and Samuel Godin, we never thought they'd ever actually get in the same room again to perform this stuff. Turns out we are total suckers, because this October 6th, they'll be reuniting to play the VIA New Music and Media festival in Pittsburgh. If the vibes get too deep for you—don't worry, because the following night, RVNG is throwing a party the following evening with Tim Sweeney, Blondes and Pink Skull. To get yourself amped up for the walk/flight/bus ride/hitchhiking adventure you're sure to take to get there, listen to "Just a Little Pollution (Notro)" from Vol. 7 below.

Download: Borden, Ferraro, Godin, Halo and Lopatin, "Just a Little Pollution (Notro)"

Synth Wizards Collaborate in Front of Your Eyes