Video: Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, The Song That Never Ends (Part 2)

Brooklyn’s Mr. Motherfuckin eXquire continues his one man quest to bring that old late-90s gutter experimentalist impulse back to NY indie rap. Upon first listen the El-P produced “The Song That Never Ends Pt. 2″ induced an acid-rap flashback to my halcyon days of bumping Sir Menelik in my mom’s space Cadillac. Which is what I called her Volvo. The track also features Heron, but there was no room for his name in the already overstuffed headline. eXquire’s Lost In Translation drops Sept. 11th.

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  2. Constrabuz Constrobuz Constant Buzz Constant Butts says:

    I finna pop this shit i finna eat a p ussy im rap irap rap rap rap rap i like to rap