Video: Lemonade, “Neptune” (Live in San Francisco)

Lemonade‘s take on loving San Francisco is so simple, it’s almost lazy. “I just sort of like to eat food and walk around,” says the band’s vocalist Callan Clendenin. “I’m not even that concerned about restaurants. I just like to eat at taquerias.” But that’s how you know it’s real, with no pressure or pretense, sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no makeup on or something like that. Yours Truly and Audyssey got Lemonade together South of Market for their Neighborhoods series (here’s the episode with Main Attrakionz in Oakland), where the band graced them with a new song, the pleading, beautifully percussive “Neptune,” presumably (hopefully) off their in-progress new album.

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  2. Born_Stoked says:

    I love it. Exactly where I wished Lemonade would go. More songs that remind me of the Le Chev remix of Lifted and their cover of The Place Where You Belong and less like their electro-bonkers self-titled album.