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Future's Streetz Callin Mixtape

Streetz Callin, allegedly the first of three mixtapes Future will release this year, adds generously to the growing line of indomitable hooks from the Atlanta rapper who brought you "Racks" and "Ain't No Way Around It." Future spends much of Streetz freestyle-ambling between binding, Auto-syruped refrains, the best of which come on "Running Through a Check," "Never Be the Same" and "If You Knew What it Took." But he manages to say something between these—that he's worked very hard and loves paying rent for his girl and Grandma, even if he has to endlessly travel the Southern night-spot circuit to do it. "Unconditional Love" isn't as sweet-tooth as it sounds, just a guy trying to show he's got good sense, telling a girl that he misses his uncle and would like to have her over, when she's wearing her old college sweatshirt and no makeup, to keep him company. Future takes the task of making tearful, church-ready soul music—for clubs—quite seriously. On "Name Hold Weight" he says, I'm a treasure. By no means is he wrong.

Download: Future's Streetz Callin mixtape

Future's Streetz Callin Mixtape