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Dam-Funk, "Forever" MP3

There have been points in life where we've thought of Dam-Funk as a dude who just does one thing really well. It's a kind of retro, pitch perfect take on a mishmash of genres all blended together into a great, pulsing positive whole. While "Forever" definitely doesn't disprove this theory (and why should it? There are a million dudes making music in the world, it's cool if one is just good at a couple things, you know? Anyway, "Forever" and the rest of Dam-Funk's InnaFocusedDaze EP for Scion A/V is more of him doing the same thing really well, but it's like he's hit some kind of good-at-what-he-does apex, because we can't listen to this without feeling really good or, at the very least, imagining that we're at a wedding. Get the entire EP for free tomorrow.

Dam-Funk, "Forever" MP3