James Blake’s Radio 1 Essential Mix

Photographer Guy Martin
September 19, 2011

I've been out of the office and not touching a computer for eight days, about half of my life in internet time. Seems like there couldn't be a better way to tiptoe back in to the newsstream than with James Blake’s new two hour mix for BBC's Radio 1. What the FADER #72 cover star explains it as, is a report on "everything I've listened to in the last year," launching gently with a patient ballet tickle from long deceased French pianist Erik Satie. After, the meat spans SALEM, DJ Nate, Aquemini era Outkast and a generous smear of Blake's own tracks folded in throughout.

Stream: James Blake's Radio 1 Essential Mix

Erik Satie — Gnossienne No.5

James Blake — Olivia Kept

James Blake Versus Drake — Half Heat Full Versus Up All Night

James Blake — Pan

SALEM — Trapdoor

Snoop Dogg — Drop it like it’s Not (Harmonimix)

[unknown] — Unknown

Klaus — Tarry

D’Angelo — One mo’ Gin

[unknown] — Sicko Cell

Blawan — What You Do With What You Have

James Blake — No More Than A Road (Dub)

James Blake — At Birth (Dub)

The Chain — Suffer For Your Art

Peverelist — Roll With The Punches (Harmonimix)

[unknown] — Navigator

OutKast — Return of the G

Africa Hitech — Out In The Street

DJ Nate — 3 Peat

James Blake — Deeds

Gavin Bryars — Three Elegies for Nine Clarinets II

Gavin Bryars — Three Elegies for Nine Clarinets III

Odi et Amo — Johann Johannsson

Grouper — Vessel

James Blake — Untitled

James Blake — Untitled

[unknown] — What Was It

The Tallest Man on Earth — Love Is All

SALEM — Redlights

Rev. James Cleveland — Jesus Saves

Trim — Confidence Boost (Harmonimix)

James Blake — Evening Fell Hard For Us

James Blake — Placing Us

James Blake — Words We Both Know

Arthur Russell — Love Comes Back

Stevie Wonder — You and I

James Blake’s Radio 1 Essential Mix