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Venus X's Mall Witch Mix MP3

photographer Brock Fetch

Venus X's new hair is the color of the jungle green Crayola crayon, America's 45th favorite. Last week, she told Rolling Stone that it stands for money, weed and progress. The stomach-skimming mane was a bright spot at fall fashion week, as Venus moved about town, working and getting paid. This mix, made for the runway presentation of Gerlan Jeans' 2012 Mall Witch collection, begins with Stacey Q stating plainly, acapella: This constant search is a real emotional drain. At its close, Joan Jett and another woman take turns proclaiming how much they could not give a fuck. This summer Venus mined new sounds for Shakira, hosted up-till-morning parties and lit up ASAP Rocky's "Peso" video. It's a wonder she's not exhausted. Or maybe she is? Beyond Stacey, Mall Witch gathers voices and noises that are "goth" to Venus—a stroke of Bjork, the sound of doors creaking open, and a genderless narrator's—I don't want to be in love/ I don't want to be heartbroken—repeated on loop.

Download: Venus X's Mall Witch Mix (via V)

Venus X's Mall Witch Mix MP3