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Stream: Tim Hecker, "Sketch 5"


Whenever Tim Hecker releases new music onto the internet to be a part of the blogging hamster wheel, it always feels a little weird. Like maybe it doesn't quite belong in rotation with much else that we blog about on a daily basis. We're not saying that to elevate it above anything, it's just that, in this case, it is ominous solo piano music. Whatever though, here it is! If dark piano jams with natural reverb are your thing, then this track is totally for you. Dropped Pianos is Hecker's second album this year, but rather than overwhelm with a whole LP's worth of new compositions, the album is a stripped down, rough companion to Ravedeath, 1972. Listening to it is kinda bleak, but that's alright sometimes. Dropped Pianos is out October 10th on Kranky.

Stream: Tim Hecker, "Sketch 5"

Posted: September 28, 2011
Stream: Tim Hecker, "Sketch 5"