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Stream Walls' Album Coracle

When our own Duncan Cooper described Walls’ "Sunporch" as "party ready," I was like, YEAH RIGHT DUDE WHAT PARTY ARE YOU GOING TO? A HANGING OUT PARTY? And then I dumped an entire keg of beer on him and gave him a swirly. After I was done bullying him, I took a step back and listened to their new album Coracle (out right now on Kompakt) in its entirety, and realized that he actually wasn't wrong. The album is an exercise in world building where, when "Sunporch" comes in three tracks in, it becomes pretty clear that, yeah, this is totally a hanging out party, and in Walls' world of perpetual sunrises and pastel colors as music, a hanging out party is the most raging party around.

Stream: Walls, Coracle

Stream Walls' Album Coracle