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Video: The Morning Clouds, "A Walk Home"

Richard Karpala pulled together this video for The Morning Clouds' "A Walk Home" using stock footage from corporate films. There are at least ten incredible shots—frozen grin guy shaking hands too long and raising one eyebrow, guy glued to his computer monitor drinking coffee in slow motion, a weird angled shot of a conference table that overlaps two people's hair into a Kenny Powers mullet and multiple shots of a women smiling with glassy verge-of-tears eyes. The most bizarre is at 2:22, when these two men are sharing a computer and in the office corner there's a nicely dressed couple embracing in a shadow. You can only assume all of these sad laughs are unintentional byproducts of the most mundane extra work imaginable, and the lingering feeling you get from watching it isn't the funny hollowness of corporate life, but just total empathy and sadness for all the people going through the motions and forced to fake smile about it. For "A Walk Home," there couldn't be a better video. The Morning Clouds' debut Wasted Youth Blues come out October 11th on Lefse.

Video: The Morning Clouds, "A Walk Home"