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Stream: Hard Mix, "I Wonder Why You Cry"


Somehow, newly 21-year-old Hard Mix made a massive, ten-minute disco epic by weaving together the sounds of dropping a woodblock, slapping a pool with a water flipper and angels. "I Wonder Why You Cry" sounds like putting a Cherry Coke in the microwave, a million particles of sugar colliding. Seven pitched-up vocal phrases run through the track, bellowed by disembodied diva ghosts. They ask you to stay a little while longer, to please not leave them this way. New Yorkers can spend time with Hard Mix during CMJ. He'll play 10/21 at Pianos and 10/22 at Glasslands. If you've been waiting to wear glitter on your face, these may be fitting occasions. "I Wonder Why You Cry" is available for download on iTunes today.

Stream: Hard Mix, "I Wonder Why You Cry"

Posted: October 11, 2011
Stream: Hard Mix, "I Wonder Why You Cry"