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Video: Kindness, "Cyan"

Kindness’ video for "Cyan" is a real CMYK-crowd pleaser for all you graphic design nerds interested in vernacular signage. It features tracking shots of a finely shod Adam Bainbridge (nice oxfords!), trekking around New York, passing signs that mirror the lyrics of the song. It seems like he and the film crew have clocked a lot of miles to shoot this video. As the video goes on, the director, Ben Fries, deconstructs the shoot, revealing the way in which he's shot Bainbridge throughout the city and in front of a blue—or in this case, cyan—screen (not to mention on a dusty cyan bridge). Maybe a little nod to Godard, or maybe just a return to clever-yet-understated video making.

Video: Kindness, "Cyan"