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Video: Blood Orange, “Uncle ACE (Kindness Remix feat. Robert Owens)”

In a truly bittersweet moment of serendipity, Dev Hynes of Blood Orange has released a new remix from Cupid Deluxe by his buddy Kindness with vocals from Chicago house legend and Fingers, Inc. alum Robert … read more »

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Blood Orange: Hitting the Right Notes

Dev Hynes could be a star. Does he want to be? From the magazine: ISSUE 89, December 2013/January 2014 Though Dev Hynes has been a New York resident for around seven years, he still loves … read more »

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Stream: Blood Orange, “Cyan (Kindness Cover)”

Dev Hynes bka Blood Orange has been very busy of late, writing and producing some of the better singles to have come out in recent memory. Here, he takes a break from his workaday duties … read more »

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Video: Kindness, “That’s Alright”

In “That’s Alright” Kindness’ Adam Bainbridge drew inspiration from DC’s go-go scene, building the song primarily around samples of Trouble Funk’s “Still Smokin’.” For the video, he decided to take it one step further, eliciting … read more »

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Stream: Kindness, “That’s Alright”

On first listen, Kindness’ “That’s Alright” can feel a bit pastiche, like the intro to a moody Michael Mann heist film that is then frankensteined together with straight up ’80s dance/funk. There’s even an earnest … read more »

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Philippe Zdar for the Fader in Paris

Philippe Zdar: The French Touch

Philippe Zdar takes a firm hand in making music better. It is at once utterly baffling and totally understandable why Philippe Zdar has tried to talk me out of coming to see him DJ at … read more »

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Stream: Kindness, “SEOD (Zdar Dub Mix)”

Kindness will release his House EP June 18th, which features various reworkings of songs off World, You Need A Change of Mind, notably a dub mix of album opener “SEOD” by the album’s producer/mixer extraordinaire, … read more »

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Video: Kindness, “House”

Kindness’ Adam Bainbridge has really got his music video game correct. Each release off his debut World, You Need a Change of Mind seems to up the creative ante and, particularly in the case of … read more »

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By The Numbers: Kindness’ World, You Need a Change of Mind

In By The Numbers, FADER looks at a big record release and breaks it down in basic digits and primary colors. This week, we look at Kindness’ World, You Need a Change of Mind. It’s … read more »


The FADER #79 Podcast

Philip Glass is an icon of the avant-garde, which more or less means the star of FADER #79 is a weirdo of mythic proportions. In that spirit, and in his honor, we’ve crafted one of … read more »

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