Lil B’s The Silent President Mixtape


Less than one month since Black Flame and at least the seventh time this year, lightning strikes for the based faithful. New Lil B mixtape. “Cap Pillah” is a gift, “Same Place” is a gift, so is “Start Fishing” and the other eleven tracks. What’s life to an ant?, B asks on “Black and White.” What’s life to a cat? We all alive.

The YouTube message below, addressed to B, circulated a little bit this year. The Silent President features a track dedicated to the dude who wrote it that includes the Metallica sample he requested.

Download: Lil B’s The Silent President Mixtape

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  1. Alice says:

    woah Lil B made that shitty Beyonce track on watch the throne listenable, his work is so transformative and he is truly the realest prophet to us all praise based

    what IS life to a cat? his unique brand of existentialism is so inspiring

  2. TK says:

    Shouts out for using the RARE TK MILLIONS LIL B Art for this post! The BasedGod creates LIL B. The WTT MOCK Art used for The Last President was also done by TK. BASEDWORLD FOR LIFE

  3. PEDRO says:

    based god has brought so much joy into my life. i sit around all day listening to sad songs feelin sorry for myself and drinking and wishing this girl loved me but i can always count on B to talk to me and be there for me. to uplift me and help me out. he is my best friend. my closest friend. my homie. tybg. Peace

  4. So awesome that Lil B is as personable as he is. I produced the song “December 1989″ and I thank Lil B for giving me the opportunity. Lil B keep doing your thing and I’m gonna keep sending you beats. #basedworld4life – Winnstrumental

  5. BeatsByMarcus says:

    This a dope mixtape. I produced “Stangz”, glad to be apart of the history. Keep changing the world B.

  6. @THEBASEDBOB says:

    A lot of these songs on Silent President & from I forgive You are very deep. This Silent President is real rdin musik. To those kf y’all thag contributed beats thank u. Everytime I get some nu rare musik from Lil B it really make my day. Hopefully y’all will be hearin the Based God spit over one of my beats one day. till den stay based

  7. fuckfuck says:

    beat the cancer is actually good lol dont sleep on lil b he always throws a hidden hit song

  8. O says: