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ASAP Rocky, "Out Of This World" MP3

Coming off news of his (allegedly) big money RCA deal, Harlem's next big hope lets loose this loosie. He sounds more self-aware than he ever has, namedropping more popular rappers who are now his competition and then ever so slightly exceeding their efforts on a technical level. His flow is just a little tighter than Drake's, he projects just a little better than Wiz. Weirdly though, and maybe this is him rewriting his narrative in response to recent criticism, the track is wholly devoid of the sonic and thematic Southern influences that littered his most visible songs. The traces of his hometown Biggavelli/"Horse & Carriage" flat key sing-a-longs are also mostly absent. So this is just homeless fashion rap (that is to say fashionable rap that doesn't have a home, not rap about the fashions of homeless people, which would probably be pretty great) but at least it's well executed.

Download: ASAP Rocky, "Out Of This World"

ASAP Rocky, "Out Of This World" MP3