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Keep Shelly in Athens, "Lazy Noon" MP3


The latest from actually Athens, Greece-based duo Keep Shelly in Athens starts with a wave crashing. Or not crashing, but rolling up and rubbing the sand, not fighting it, just sort of leisurely petting it. Besides that, the most telling sound on "Lazy Noon" is its reoccurring whistle, the kind you might expect from a guy with a wheat stalk in his mouth wearing overalls and no shirt. It's not just a mood of vacation relaxing over a clear calendar, but of not owning a calendar, not worrying that time exists. "Lazy Noon" comes off Keep Shelly in Athens' Our Own Dream EP, out this fall on Forest Family.

Download: Keep Shelly in Athens, "Lazy Noon"

Keep Shelly in Athens, "Lazy Noon" MP3