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Stream: Keep Shelly In Athens, “Flyway”

FADER PREMIERE We’ve been patiently waiting for At Home, the debut full-length from Keep Shelly in Athens, since the first time we dipped our toes in the serene tide pools of slippery electronica the Athens, … read more »

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Stream: Keep Shelly In Athens, “Just Like Honey” (Jesus and Mary Chain Cover)

Keep Shelly In Athens have made an appropriately sweet and delicate cover of Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Just Like Honey” for a charity compilation of the same name. All proceeds will go to benefit Breast … read more »

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Download FADER + vitaminwater’s Winter Mixxxtape

To celebrate this year’s Winter X Games, FADER and vitaminwater got together to create our Winter Mixxxtape, a mix worthy of blasting through your headphones in the snow. Mixed by Nick Catchdubs, these ten tracks … read more »

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Download Keep Shelly in Athens and Kisses’ Holiday Mixtape

Keep Shelly in Athens and Kisses’ Holiday Mixtape is pretty much the lowest impact holiday mixtape imaginable, just barcalounger chill jam after barcalounger chill jam. There’s an Enya song. There is a downtempo jazz song. … read more »

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Stream: Keep Shelly in Athens, “Struggle With Yourself”

Keep Shelly in Athens’ latest, “Struggle With Yourself,” is like riding the cart down into the coal mine and finding the canary not dead yet, but brooding its last breaths over a four-track. Sarah P’s … read more »

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Video: Keep Shelly in Athens, “California Birds” (ABADABAD Cover)

Confession: Kinda hope I have a little girl someday so I can dress her up. Guess I’m just a horrible narcissist bent on overpopulating the world! You have to admit though, this little dumpling dancing … read more »

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Stream: Keep Shelly in Athens, “Campus Martius”

Our friends at Boiler Room just put up a track from Greece’s Keep Shelly in Athens upcoming, very beautiful EP on Planet Mu. “Campus Martius” has a lolling piano line and the softest version of … read more »

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Keep Shelly in Athens, “DIY” MP3

Keep Shelly in Athens have been true to their Greek roots as of late, acting as the mother at her daughter’s big fat Greek wedding, constantly keeping the baklava coming, making sure we never go … read more »

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Keep Shelly in Athens, “Lazy Noon” MP3

The latest from actually Athens, Greece-based duo Keep Shelly in Athens starts with a wave crashing. Or not crashing, but rolling up and rubbing the sand, not fighting it, just sort of leisurely petting it. … read more »

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Stream: Keep Shelly in Athens, “Yellow Man” + “Running Out Of You”

There’s not a lot we know about Greece’s enigmatic duo Keep Shelly In Athens, but their soothing downtempo disco is taking us away from this unwelcome March cold front and planting us in that much … read more »

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