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Fat Joe f. French Montana, "Welcome To The Darkside (Intro)" MP3

Even before he turned skinny, Fat Joe was always something of an anomaly. He's never exactly been very good at rapping yet somehow figures out how to make rap songs sound good with more consistency than most of his more talented peers. For the intro to his new album, which is probably coming out on some Koch subsidiary that is probably also called Koch (Koch to the Kochth power, shit gets deep), he gets laced with some booming and epic production. I'm talking epic to near-"Victory" proportions, the type of record that makes you want to topple a monarchy or summon a gargoyle. Then what does Joe go and do with the beat? The same half-baked Rick Ross impersonation that he's been running with as of late. And in true Joe fashion it still sounds great, thanks in part to an assist from French Montana talking blackness in baritone Biggavelli mode. There are Green Lantern drops on this MP3 and you must live with that. The Darkside 2 comes out on Halloween day.

Download: Fat Joe f. French Montana, "Welcome To The Darkside (Intro)"

Fat Joe f. French Montana, "Welcome To The Darkside (Intro)" MP3