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Roc Marciano, "Emeralds" MP3

Roc Marciano, Hempstead's leading exporter of fine gangsta minutiae and warped food punchlines, returns with "Emeralds." Sometimes it's easy to forget how strangely clever he is when he falls back on really blatant third string Wu-Tang cliches and you're just like, Pfft great he's rapping about chess pieces I heard that in '96. And then all of the sudden he'll blindside you with an intricate rhyme pile ups like two-fives glare/ A flare through your Cartier eyewear or, alternately, a simple and based sentence fragment like, Watching pelicans on beaches. Name another rapper rugged enough to watch pelicans. (I'm still trying to decide the best simile about laying things on this song: Hoes lay bread on me like deli meat or The 40'll lay you out like a starfish.) "Emeralds" comes from Roc's forthcoming Marcberg: Reloaded, an album it feels like we've been waiting a thousand years for.

Download: Roc Marciano, "Emeralds" (via Unkut)

Roc Marciano, "Emeralds" MP3