Take Care Leaks, Drake Does Not Have a Tantrum


Late Sunday night, Drake’s delayed second album arrived in the world, a week before it’s November 15th due date. The rapper calmly acknowledged the reveal:

Grab a Monday coffee, there’s a lot to discuss: Drake toasts Toronto via a California legend on “Over My Dead Body” (My city love me like Mac Dre in The Bay). Kendrick Lamar and a piano interlude have been added on to the end of “Marvin’s Room.” Jamie XX-produced “Take Care,” featuring Rihanna, draws heavily on “I’ll Take Care of You” from We’re New Here, Jamie’s collaborative album with Gil Scott-Heron. Rick Ross appears on Just Blaze-produced “Lord Knows” and Andre 3000 sneaks into the end of “The Real Her,” stealing the show in 16 bars. Rumored album closer, Jamie XX-produced “The Ride,” somehow remains un-leaked.

Drake’s debut Thank Me Later leaked less than two weeks before it was released in June 2010. It sold anyway, about a million and a half copies (in the US) to date.

Will you listen to the leak or wait to buy Take Care? Like the songs you’ve heard? Take it to the comments!

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  1. I’ve heard every song from his album.
    Definitly going to buy when it drops.
    He speaks from his heart, and you can feel it.
    Thank you Drake.

  2. TorontoDude says:

    I’ve heard the leaked album and it’s nothing short of an example of Drake’s talent. With the exception of one song ‘Practice’, this album is close to a perfect ten and is in my mind a future Grammy award winner. I find it a little disappointing that they remade Jamie xx’s ‘I’ll take care of you’ , instead of producing more classic material, which I believe the team was more than capable of creating. However the song will still be a fan favorite, as Jamie’s original effort was not as popular as it’s production deserved. The new version, I suspect, will not suffer from the same lack of exposure. I’ll be buying Take Care when it drops next week. Oh, and nice way to show some class on news that the album dropped, Drizzy. Money in the bank kid

    “I mean maybe she won’t
    Then again maybe she will
    I can almost guarantee she know the deal,
    Real nigga wassap”

  3. BARRY says:

    “Practice” instead of “Club Paradise,” “Dreams Money Can Buy,” or “Free Spirit”? Bummer. Oh well. “Over My Dead Body” is an amazing opening track. Can’t wait to hear the proper closer.

  4. BARRY says:

    “Practice” over “Club Paradise,” “Dreams Money Can Buy,” or “Free Spirit”? Bummer. Oh well. Love the way the first few tracks flow. “Over My Dead Body” is an instant favorite. Can’t wait to hear the proper closer.

  5. itsAerosol says:

    gonna wait for the iTunes rip XD

  6. Estibe says:

    Drake went hard this time, so developped spiritually, it is like you feel what he says and you would have been able to describe the same. I listened to it every minutes since yesterday and It’s also scheduled that as soon as the album appears in the stores I will buy it.

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