At Home With: Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire

Head busting, joke-cracking everyman Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire still lives in his childhood home. He’s redecorated the upstairs apartment in Crown Heights’ Kingsborough Houses since his mom left a couple years ago, filling it with sentimental totems—crayons from an ex, inspirational collages and memorabilia from shows and trips. eXquire, born Anthony Allison, is a creative, prolific homebody and a pleasure to be around. He records in his apartment, also the site of his wild, experimentalist videos, and prefers the company of the kids he came up with to nights out with new friends. When we paid him an evening visit recently, we left his bubble only to get a sandwich at Subway. Everyone agrees they’re better than the sandwiches at the bodegas near Kingsborough. Later, at the discount liquor store featured prominently in eXquire’s videos, the rapper hugged neighborhood personalities. The store was slammed, Peach Ciroc flying off the shelves. We bought some and brought it home, where eXquire explained what independence means to him, why he’s in no rush to move and his door is always open. Watch above, then download eXquire’s newest track, recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks, below. New Yorkers can see him perform live this Friday at Mishka’s Brooklyn store.

Download: Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, “Infinity Gauntlet”

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  2. TY says:

    peach ciroc is for homos ..i know cuz im out here in atlanta, aka land of the homos #nohomo tho lol..just funny seeing him stroke the bottle like that lmao

    ^^^ #ayoo on that whole comment smh

  3. TY says:

    seach the TT #guysthatdrinkpeachciroc on twitter if you think I’m lyin..but I hope this kid blows up, NY needs anything right about now ..hip-hop-wise

  4. J-Dub says:

    Oh shit I was just thinking about coloring the other day! ROFLMAO that was the shit when I was a shorty, he also has my Buddha lamp!