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Stream: John Talabot, "I Want Tonite"

Barcelona's John Talabot isn't often so overtly pop, and he certainly doesn't usually do his own singing. Though his voice is vocoded, tuned and pitched here, letting him test the microphone waters without fully stripping down, there's something really carefree about hearing an accomplished producer singing over his beats. Earlier this week, this hidden camera video of a kid dancing while doing the dishes blew up. Secreted away in his studio in Spain, Talabot's moves were probably a bit more restrained, but it's perfectly plausible to imagine him playing the vocals back, grinning and breaking into a celebratory crab-walk.

Stream: John Talabot, "I Want Tonite" (via nomodestbear)

Stream: John Talabot, "I Want Tonite"