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John Talabot Shares Another Remix Of Jamie xx’s “Loud Places”

The Higher Dub.

November 30, 2015

Jamie xx's In Colour arrived in May, but remixes—from grime MCs, dancehall stars, and producers—keep extending the record's life. When DJs rework Jamie's tunes, they seem to suggest an alternate version of his album that pushes more towards the long builds and ecstatic highs of dance music. (In Colour tended favored muted tones and pop-friendly song lengths.)


John Talabot already released one remix of Jamie's "Loud Places" on SoundCloud; over the weekend, he unveiled his "Higher Dub" of the track. The ten minute version luxuriates in the climb, swelling and falling back and swelling again. Romy Croft's vocals don't appear until the five minute mark. But even then, Talabot focuses on the singing that leads into the chorus, without delivering the hook's easy payoff. Listen below, and read Jamie's FADER interview.

John Talabot Shares Another Remix Of Jamie xx’s “Loud Places”