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Video: Friendly Fires, "Hurting"

So okay, imagine walking down the street on some normal day and looking over and seeing a woman with a crazy long neck acting like it's no big deal. And then, beyond that, imagine that you turn a corner and there is some dude with a stitched together box on his head with screens on it that project his face onto the boxes. It feels like some Tim Burton thing or some David Lynch thing, or really just a freakshow of a world that seems totally normal in the same way that nightmares feel totally normal. All of that happens in this video for Friendly Fires’ "Hurting," but it's presented in such a matter-of-fact way that it feels like a nightmare—except the video is about two people finding each other so it's kind of like...a love nightmare? Is that the same thing as Audition?

Video: Friendly Fires, "Hurting"