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How to Dress Well's Change Yourself Mix MP3


Change Yourself is the winter complement to How to Dress Well’s sublime Love Yourself mix; the manic low to that berserk high. Emotional chameleon The-Dream appears on both. In Change Yourself, he's the most prominent subject of transformation. When HTDW introduces "Rockin That Shit," it's buried under guitars. Minutes pass, church bells sound, drums lurch forward and the song appears, briefly, in its original state. The-Dream shows up once more afterward, drunk, miserable and bemoaning his third wedding ring. But ultimately that down-note is not Change Yourself’s takeaway, which comes instead from Janet Jackson. Three pieces of her 1997 album Velvet Rope tie the collection together, and if there is a directive offered, it's Janet's claim, from "Memory," that You don't have to hold on to the pain to hold on to the memory. 16 minutes in, Krell winds back the lift-off sweep of "Together Again" for 15 seconds. It's a brief rise, but overwhelmingly hopeful.

Download: How to Dress Well's Change Yourself Mix

How to Dress Well's Change Yourself Mix MP3