Download Kid Cudi’s Rap Hard Mixtape, Demos from the Early Years


Kid Cudi is pretty good on How to Make it in America. He walks dogs, hangs out, sells pot and makes out with (spoiler alert) Lake Bell. Perhaps trying to stay a little connected, a little less HBO, he released Rap Hard, a collection of demos from 2001-2002. “Pimpin,’” with its spooky, simple loop, is the highlight here. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, “Party All the Time” has nothing to do with the Eddie Murphy song of the same name.

Download: Kid Cudi, Rap Hard mixtape

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  1. Alright says:

    this mixtape is 2 years too late

  2. broms says:

    Yeah, it seems like he’s switched over to acting. I heard a rapper recently that reminded me of Cudi named Childish Gambino, and I’m really diggin his shit. He’s got that off-beat sound like Cudi does. He just dropped an album Camp, go check it out, and here’s a vid for one of his singles “Bonfire”