Future f. Big Boi and Young Jeezy, “Ain’t No Way Around It (Remix)” MP3

Recently signed Atlanta rapper Future released not one but three videos this week, for “Watch This” (above), an old but still great track from his May 2010 1000 mixtape, and two recent, stadium-filling sing-alongs (below). And why not? Look at him now, in St. Louis, New York, Atlanta and between, riding in backseats, hugging reporters, changing sunglasses and colored beanies every five seconds. Future made his rap debut, under the name Meathead, in 2003. He’s filled the decade since with constant studio sessions and trips to small clubs around the South. On his latest and best mixtape, Streetz Callin, Future defines himself as a man of great humility and purpose. On that tape’s closing track, “If You Knew What It Took,” he sweetly balances both notes. Young Jeezy, Big Boi (and Big Boi’s kids) are fans. Download a remix of Future’s Mike Will-produced “Ain’t No Way Around It” featuring the Atlanta legends, below.

Download: Future f. Big Boi and Young Jeezy, “Ain’t No Way Around It (Remix)”

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