Is Justin Bieber a Good Rapper?

Are Justin Bieber’s mic skills just a lick better than a freestyling frat dude or is he battle-rap ready? If you listen to his Tom Brady-dissing rhymes over Cam’ron’s “Speaking in Tongues” in tandem with this showing from The Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show, you can hear he’s cultivating his flow and delivery. Over Gang Starr’s “DWYCK,” Bieber addresses his adversaries (people in their basements say I didn’t even write this/ people say I’m white, so I couldn’t do it like this) and comes with punchlines (my Timbs like Hortons). His finesse earned a seal of approval from Hot 97′s heavy-hitters. This morning, K.Foxx declared herself a Belieber.

On a softer side of the internet, Biebz and Jaden Smith have covered Frank Ocean‘s “Thinking About You.” It is so smooth, it sounds like it was made for JB. It’s also not the first time Bieber’s paraded his savvy taste—he’s already shared his love for Drake and The Throne. Will Bieber struggle to break with his tender pop past or will he easily transition into a middle finger up attitude and embrace his rap accolades?

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  1. /// says:

    He obviously didn’t write his own rhymes…

    Why do you think DJ Premier said he sucked and didn’t let him rap on the BET cypher.
    So how do you go from being terrible to decent in such a short amount of time.


  2. Davy says:

    If he actually wrote the freestyle I’ll give homie props but if Usher or Luda wrote this shit that is terrible.

  3. Derek says:

    He’s a like a whacker Mac Miller.

  4. DONKEY says:

    He’s pretty decent actually … I can’t front. Bieber is multi-talented. It cannot be denied.

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  6. LeFresh says:

    I don’t think he wrote it himself, but if he did he gets props for that.

  7. comehomenow says:

    It was reported that he wasn’t allowed to do the cypher cause he wanted Luda to write the rap. I don’t care much if you’re freestyling or not, but having someone else write it is another story. I think that’s what’s happening with these, unfortunately.

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  9. diana says:

    hi Justin Bieber i like you to rap good.