Interview: Balam Acab

Dreamy bedroom producer Alex Koone bka Balam Acab, wrestled himself out of Mechanicsburg, PA to truck it all the way up to the Big Apple for a live show at Le Poisson Rouge. He took a wrong turn in NJ (hence listening to that St. Vincent album a fifth time). Looking appropriately collegiate and understated in a hoodie, we tucked in to Kenny’s Castaways to talk about growing his band by one person (Morgan Elizabeth, at his left) and the process of sublimating his atmospheric, ethereal sound on the stage.

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  1. Alice says:

    let me be a fangirl and say he’s adorable. I hope they come to texas soon.

  2. drcybyls says:


  3. sean kane says:

    id dropkick him

  4. zarn says:

    this guy is an extreme fag