Stream: Madi Diaz, “Down We Go (Jensen Sportag’s Trust Fall Remix)”


The most beautiful songs get here by the broken time machines in producers’ brains. A couple guys think up all the best ideas from decades ago and translate them one day in a studio, filtered through their uniquely bizarre psychology and everything that’s happened to the world since. Over the past year, Nashville’s Jensen Sportag have produced an incredible streak of very sentimental songs, stuff that evokes sounds most of us never lived through the first time around. That seems like an uphill battle. Hardly anything’s like “Can You Stand the Rain” anymore, and maybe even worse, nearly everyone else daring to touch the glamour and sheen of the Sportag sound palette ends up cheapening the memory. But for whatever graceful reason, Jensen Sportag’s heads know how to flip fellow Tennessean Madi Diaz’ original folk-rocky “Down We Go” into the lonesome disco dreams of just-dumped angels on roller skates. Their debut LP comes out next year on Cascine.

Stream: Madi Diaz, “Down We Go (Jensen Sportag’s Trust Fall Remix)”

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