Sun Glitters, “The Wind Caresses Her Hair (Albert Swarm Remix)” MP3


Right now all I can think about is the woman in Chris Marker’s La jetée, the “wind caressing her hair” on the eve of WWIII. Like that film, Sun Glitters’ songs often emphasize memory, his percussion sounding like a time-lapse of decay crusting over a polaroid left on the porch. Here, as he so often does, Victor Ferreira, the Luxembourger behind Sun Glitters, has linked with a fellow producer in a sort of pen pals exchange: Brooklyn/Finland’s Albert Swarm has remixed Ferreira’s “The Wind Caresses Her Hair,” and Sun Glitters will return the favor on Swarm’s Held (Remixed) EP, out super soon on Ceremony. The results are haunting and lovely and the sound palette is carefully textured, working a perfect space between organic and electronic. It reminds me of a stream running into a little dam of built-up leaves, but like, the romantic version. The Wind Caresses remix EP is out now, pay-what-you-want.

Download: Sun Glitters, “The Wind Caresses Her Hair (Albert Swarm Remix)”

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