Four on the Floor: Electronic Labels


Everything goes in cycles, and right now we’re currently somewhere in the late-middle period of a heavy electronic music resurgence. Everyone involved is obsessed with talking about the textures of their music, and even more obsessed with acquiring vintage synthesizers to tool around with. We’ve gone to shows with stacked bills and seen not one guitar being used for an entire night. Much of this music has been coming from forward-thinking British artists, but there’s also a strong population of Americans making their own screwed up, personal versions of more traditional electronic music. The sounds of house and techno that began in Chicago and Detroit before migrating to the UK and to Germany are now returning home. Whether it’s through 100% Silk’s homemade approach to house, Software’s gorgeous drone, Fade to Mind’s epically dark dance jams or Future Times’ disco-obsessed crate diggers taking their music an extra step further than our minds can reasonably handle, electronic music is getting moodier, weirder, kinda freakish and a lot looser than ever before.

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  2. Mike O. says:

    “We Are Strange Loops” came out on Innergaze’s own Touch Your Life label and is an LP. It’s the “Shadow Disco” 12″ that 100% Silk released.

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