D’Angelo Covers Soundgarden, Allegedly Readies New Album


This is like a strange dream you might’ve had back in ’94, when your REM-addled brain segued into a strange, grainy and jazzy cover of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” by none other than D’Angelo. Ideally, his version would not be accompanied by the mental image of the menacing, grin-expanding neighbors featured in the original video. Then again, it’s hard to sound as menacing as Chris Cornell. Is this demo a precursor of things to come? Rumor has it that D’Angelo is back and ready to wash away the pain of his protracted absence with a new album sometime this year. Contributions from Questlove and Qtip have been rumored and tweeted.

Stream: D’Angelo “Black Hole Sun” (via Dummy)

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  2. D.Scott says:

    This sounds dope. I really do hope that D’Angelo comes back with some new music.

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  4. purehatred says:

    Questo of The Roots @questlove 9h Reply Retweeted Favorite · Open
    @Spencer_Murphy my statement on Black Hole Sun: its a demo from like 8 trs ago done in his crib in Va. Its NOT on the album (I did NOT leak)

  5. Cristin Owens says:

    The female vocals sound like Angie Stone to me. I guess that would make since if they were together about that time. NICE FIND