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Video: Starlito, "For My Foes, The Musical"

Nashville's Starlito is exceptionally normal. His approachable, everyman enthusiasm is brilliantly articulated throughout all 23 minutes of the rapper's new, straight-to-YouTube "musical" that strings together four raspy freestyles over popular 2011 instrumentals from Waka Flocka, Frank Ocean, Meek Mill and Wale from his pay-what-you-want For My Foes mixtape. In the video, Lito raps straight into the camera, spins around in his desk chair and zooms in close on intimate domestic surfaces: his car radio dial, his laptop screen and the local rap award trophies that litter his cluttered desk. He's comfortably in his element for the duration of this carefully produced home movie, but perhaps happiest in the scene, 15 minutes in, where he prods playfully at a standing keyboard, eyes squinted and giggling, with a joint hanging from his mouth.

Video: Starlito, "For My Foes, The Musical"