Why is Common Beefing with Drake?


Common took Drake to task last November, calling the introspective rapper a “Sweet motherfucker! Sweet ass bitch muthafucka,” on “Sweet,” a track from his new album, The Dreamer/The Believer. Last Friday, Drake fired back at an anonymous foe on “Stay Schemin,” from Rick Ross’ Rich Forever mixtape, saying, Don’t be duckin like you never wanted nothin’/ It’s feelin like rap changed it was a time it was rugged/ Back when if a nigga reached it was for the weapon/ Nowadays niggas reach just to sell their record.

Today, Common responds to that perceived insult with his own take on “Stay Schemin,” which you can download below. While the Chicago veteran admitted that “Sweet” was directed at Drake, today’s diss is blunt:

My motto is Chicago bitch/ Everybody know you sweet what the problem is/ Don’t play dumb/ I’m the one that acknowledged it/ Son of a bitch, imagine what your father is/ She said how you make your opponent the rapper of the moment/ His style he don’t own it/ Acting all hard and he hardly like that/ You gon mess around and make me catch a body like that, oooh

Common isn’t the only rapper in a crossfire with Drake. Perhaps piggybacking on Common, Pusha T fired shots at Drake in his own “Sweet” freestyle and “Don’t Fuck Wit Me,” an unfriendly remix of Drake’s “Dreams Money Can Buy.”

Download: Common, “Stay Schemin (Remix)

Update: At last night’s Grammys, Common declared his feud with Drake over. Watch him give the details to reporter/Fuse’s red carpet correspondent, Toure, below.

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  1. E. says:

    Common made one too many romantic comedies to beef with anyone.

  2. Alice says:

    not to mention Gap commercials. Don’t be mad b/c someone uglier than you got rich, Common! ole peanut head…

  3. honestly? i’m glad beef is back. the new common is great, and while i am a fan of both artists, i feel like drake has been insufferably smug lately. all that talk about reaching for weapons is hilarious coming from a guy who is trying to save every stripper he can.

  4. Cookiee says:

    This beef is over absolutely nothing ! They made a couple songs, & yet hasnt nothing popped off ! Where I’m from you don’t go around screaming beef unless you really about that life. I aint never heard of Common nor Drake fighting or killing someone, they both just tryna sell some music. & I love both their music but come on this is childish the industry is big enough for the both of use !

  5. wallychamp says:

    Rumor has it that Common is bitching up because Drake hooked up with Serena Williams (Common’s ex)….it’s nice to see Common and No I.D. reunite for some bangers but he’s outta his fuckin mind callin Drake “sweet”…..after all, this is the same cat the Erykah Badu had rockin orange turtleneck sweaters drinkin chai tea

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  8. Ben says:

    This is like rabbits beefing with embroidered quilts. When they throw signs they just drop ASL for “I love you.” These periwinkle-ass motherfuckers are beefing over turtlenecks vs cardigans. I’m half hoping that it gets physical and they manage to wire each others’ jaws at the exact same moment so I don’t have to listen to these douches for a minute. Unfortunately they throw caresses in place of left hooks, so it would just be awkward.

    Fuck ‘em, they make shitty music.

  9. D.Scott says:

    Since Common finally admitted that his subliminal shots on “Sweet” were directed at Drake they day his album dropped, I am inclined to think that he came at Drake to help generate some more buzz. That may not be the entire reason (Drake is also an easy target nowadays), but I think it’s part of the reason. There are a lot of rappers doing less for hip hop that are aren’t as hot as Drake. But, because he came at him and Drake responded, here we are, weeks after ‘The Dreamer, The Believer’ dropped talking about Common. I think it was a good strategy. Let’s see if he moves some more units this week

  10. Caleb says:

    Common are you serious?! How do you get from those lyrics stay schemin that drake was responding to you? I liked you, but I. Cant stand artists who start hating on artists for no reason.

  11. r-money says:

    drake is gonna come back with some hard shit he is a fuckin dog

  12. Jordan says:




  13. Ben says:

    “drake is gonna come back with some hard shit he is a fuckin dog”

    hahaha yeah, a shitzu

  14. Wise Beatz says:

    damn, common just went in on drake……

  15. tasha says:

    okay.. drake is a commercial artist… people are talking about common making romantic comedies and gap commercials…yall must have forgot that drake started off on degrassi. his name is aubrey graham not drake. hes made up. his style is so far rapped in little wayne people forget who they are listening to. he whines on every track.. and is either crying about love or boosting his own image. common raps … and when i say raps.. he talks about important things… things that deal with true events… others… and current issues in the world. Drake talks about irrelevant things that impresses todays society. people have no moral value which is why they feel drake is a better artist…which is not true at all.. any dummy can make words rhyme… but how many people can make a story out of a song.. sure as hell not drake

  16. Tyly says:

    whoever is calling COMMON sweet needs to look at COMMON’s history and stfu, remind you DRAKE was on degrassi, sweet, he sings/whines, his whole image changed when he joing the lame creww yung money sorry i use to be a drake fan , but now he is getting to cocky …. Drake can rap , but for now i consider him a entertainer rapper… COMMON on the other hand is a REAL RAPPER , he raps about things that happens in society good/bad and how he wants to help out his community he is a lyricist.. TEAMCOMMON all they way :)

  17. RED PILL says:

    Its becoming apparent that Nobody listens to rap nowadays yall just skim thru it..Why is Common & Pusha T airing this Sweet Ninja out???? How soon do we forget?? wasnt Drake trying to lift Kanyes skirt for the past 8 months??? why wouldnt the Shooters be poached on the rooftops aiming for this ninjas hairline..POW..got em the Serena shit is just fuel for the fire..Lets see what Aubrey does maybe him & the Wknd can cook something Up???

  18. The Razor Specialist says:

    Tasha and Tyty made valid points, so for all you Drake oops I meant Aubrey Graham aka Jimmy in the wheelchair from Degrassi fans, yall need to understand he’s just a gimmack. In my opinion Drake is whack, Real Hip Hop is Common just listen closely to the lyrics.

  19. Emile says:

    Drake is a pussy, why isn’t he going back at Ludacris for his Big Bada Boom!

  20. bullets says:

    Common makes a song called “SWEET” directed at soft rap artists, Common does have softer introspective songs but is essence is MCing, he gets interviewed the typical corny predictable media asks if he’s directing the song at Drake (as if Kanye west who Common works with regularly by the way is doesn’t sing) Just to generate a response for ratings again typical Common being a confident MC answers “NO but if he takes it like that then its whatever he does fit into that category!” Some idiot labels a video Common says SWEET is for Drake and the idiocracy begins blogs, subliminals , ask Birdman how he feel about imaginary beef and the famous Drake “i dont have problems w/ nobody but I’ll subliminally diss everybody” verse and watch the sheep do what they do….

  21. Mac L says:

    Aside from the fact that Common is a legend, he dropped “The Bitch In Yoo”… He can diss Drake, especially since Drizzy wants beef with tattoo artists.

  22. word to Big Ghost says:

    this shit ain’t beef, it’s lamb…..these mufuckas are just lambin

  23. Problem Child says:

    Dear Fader,

    This kind of pulls me in both directions. I grew up listening to Common, he is my favourite lyricist no questions asked. Every song he has ever made offers something. His word play is sophisticated, and his delivery makes it so seamless, not forced in the way that Thirstin Howl the III emphasizes his wordplay. Common can be: hard, reflective, and informational all at the same time, “A dream is a dream/what makes that dream real is the action in between” (A Song for Assata), is a good case in point. No wordplay there, but fuck does he have a way with words.

    On the other hand I am from Toronto. Drake grew up in a neighbourhood I know, we go to some of the same bars, and revel in the Weeknd’s music. Furthermore, like the Drake I am from Canada but share the United States of America as my second home. One thing I can tell you is that Buffalo, New York and Toronto, Ontario share the Drake like the Buffalo Bills. When I am in the East End and playing Drake, the kids all tell me to turn up my music (sorry, but most of them don’t really know Common), full time substance aficionados listen to the Drake and have him and the Weeknd for screen savers (seen more than two instances of this). I can say that Drake’s whining has certainly tapped into a vein; toughs (sorry about the 50s lingo) are more open about their feelings. Let me put it this way: if we all love The Smiths, whether we admit this or not, and know that sometimes we just want to sulk, than why paint toughs into a corner where they can’t unfurl. Drake is that exactly, unwinding about a stripper you can’t date cause they fucked with your cousin type of feelings. I would totally go for the Bones-Thugs-N-Harmony retort, but do you really want a friend to die just so you could feel sad?Dealing drugs, getting shot at, and going to terrible schools…fuck at some point it feels good to focus on girl problems, Young Money Werther so to speak. I see it in the hood, dudes are more chill…more Danny Brown type characters are popping up. Trust me that’s a good thing.

    Anyways, what to do? Who should I support?

  24. KCeas says:

    This is great – we now have a strictly verbal “beef” for lack of a more appropriate word. Nobody is going to die, there won’t be any chairs thrown, or anything else! Both guys do well with regard to the lyrics, so I am looking forward – considering clever wordplay seems to be a thing of the past. Common did just hit Drake in the stomach though, that remix is approaching the Ether/Hit ‘Em Up level of scathing.

  25. Eric Hopkins says:

    Regardless if Drake is a Pussy or not the dude makes Great Music you cant take that away from him. People take his image and run with it instead of giving it up to a talented dude at the end of the day. I am a Common and Drake Fan and i do think this is a stunt to sell records because this last Common album was horrible to me. Just keep the Artistry one thing and the Emotions another…I’m Just Saying.

  26. cheryl says:

    Truly hip-hop will understand.what going on. No they not 2 kill each. It being who u truly r . In the rap u feel
    someone faking it then u call them out period. Drake talk that bubble gum raps getting little girl and boys 2 dance to.but that not rap. Artist like jadakiss joell Ortiz the slaughter house dip-set . Real rap music
    hell we should have listen 2 jay song death 2 autotune. It rap music. For drake to be a artist in this business his biggest critic is the industry. It always been like this check the history.

  27. Ross says:

    Been listening to Common for as long as I can remember. Drake, nah. If he never got with young money everything would’ve been strait. I feel he sold out when he decided his label and he’s better than most of those people on young money.

  28. tyyra says:

    What happened to just enjoying music.?.. Why do music artists have to create conflict? I recall growing up and listening to music was what it was all about and you never heard of the conflicts that are going on today… It is a shame.