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Machinedrum had a pretty big year! After recording his subtle and deeply captivating album Room(s) as well as that Sepalcure album that felt like a much bigger deal than anyone expected it to be, he apparently decided he wasn’t done, because he has a new EP, SXLND coming out January 17th on LuckyMe. To celebrate the release, he made us a mix of his own stuff (including some gems from the upcoming record), as well as tracks from likeminded dudes like Lone and Salva. Tracklist below.

Download: Machinedrum’s FADER Mix

Machinedrum, “Demvibez”
Pixelord, “Freeze The Star”
Obey City, “Percalatin”
Hudson Mohawke, “Hooker in a Cardboard Box”
Machinedrum, “SXLND”
Salva, “Yellobone”
Lone, “Earth’s Lungs”
Shaft, “Monkey (Bruce Lee vs. Monkey Mix)”
Industrial High, “Militant Core”
Under D Influence, “Brand New 49T2″
Clicks & Whistles, “Can’t Believe”
Machinedrum, “Weak End”

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  1. rap says:

    lol bro must be a backup singer for hawthorne heights

  2. Khary says:

    bro is always on point with his production though!

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  4. Dan says:

    hahaha yo that intro cracks me up so much. is it from something or is that just an MD gem?