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Tanlines, "Brothers" MP3

For their first full length, appropriately titled Mixed Emotions, Eric Emm and Jesse Cohen of Tanlines are largely expanding on the sounds sketched out on their 2010 EP, Settings, but they seem better committed to the idea of being a band. Their sound is polished and big, and they've nailed down that signature trick of spinning moodiness into the most upbeat, full-bodied dance song. The first single, "Brothers" is a great example. It's awash in good feelings. Sweeping, synthy waves lap up against a driving beat that sounds so good to listen to right now, despite the fact that Emm's lyrics dwell in confusion and regret: You're just the same as you ever were/ You fight and you don't wonder why it makes no sense/ I'm just the same as I ever been/ But I'm the only one who doesn't notice it. Mixed Emotions is out in March on True Panther.

Download: Tanlines, "Brothers"

Tanlines, "Brothers" MP3