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Download Albert Swarm's Held (Remixed) EP


Finland/Brooklyn's Albert Swarm has opened his Held EP, out last year on Ceremony, to the remix treatment, enlisting Sun Glitters, Courtship, Papercutz and Ceremony's newest-signee, the Swedish producer Bam Spacey. Swarm's original, tender productions, where percussion often sounds like it's coming from inside a log and the melody down through raindrops, take on new forms: Sun Glitters' version of Swarm's best track, "Foundling Wheels," is typically otherworldly; Papercutz shows the widest range, underscoring the beautiful moments of "Recurring Dream" with hints of horror; Bam Spacey handles the club; Courtship sounds heroic. It's sized just right and everything works.

Download: Albert Swarm's Held (Remixed) EP

Download Albert Swarm's Held (Remixed) EP