BBU f. GLC, “The Hood” MP3

January 25, 2012

BBU's 2009 single "Chi Don't Dance" was a politically-charged version of "Watch My Feet"-style juke-rap fusion. While the group has left the genre-recombination behind on new single "The Hood," they've retained the political sensibility, promising to be the 2011 Ras Kass and enslave Caucasians for ten generations. It helps that the song takes a lighthearted, irreverent approach, one that is neither self-serious nor completely cynical. They've also been lucky enough to receive a guest verse from fellow three-letter artist GLC, who was quietly killing it last year. Produced by Classick, from BBU's upcoming LP bell hooks.

Download: BBU f. GLC, "The Hood" (Prod. by Classick) (via MTV Hive).

Posted: January 25, 2012
BBU f. GLC, “The Hood” MP3