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Teen Daze, "Brooklyn Sunburn" MP3

For his first full-length release, Vancouver's Teen Daze summoned a collective spirit, inspired by the sparkly-eyed visions of idealistic unity, or as he tells it: "I came upon an old book at a thrift store called Utopian Visions, an encyclopedic volume of different views on what utopia might look like, which became a huge inspiration. Especially when considering the future of our world as it actually unfolds. We're becoming more and more self-reliant, more and more separated from our communities. I wanted to make a record that sounded more synthetic but also inviting—this is futuristic music with a heart." I guess even something as gnarly as a "Brooklyn Sunburn" can recall a blissful (blistered?) time of creative inspiration. Look out for All Of Us, Together, out May 22nd on Lefse.

Download: Teen Daze, "Brooklyn Sunburn"

Teen Daze, "Brooklyn Sunburn" MP3