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Download Arca's Debut EP Baron Libre

It's basically just a point of fact right now that it is impossible to turn around without bumping into someone who happens to make electronic music in his bedroom. The range of emotions we have felt about this has been wide and varied. Stoked! Excited! Nonplussed! Bummed! One of those emoticons where it's just the slanty mouth, which actually might be the same thing as nonplussed! Ultimately, this over-saturation is good. If you put in a little work and weed out the shit you just do not care about, there are a lot of people making really amazing music, pushing things forward in exciting new ways. Arca seems to be one of those guys. His debut EP, Baron Libre, is a blunted, thick collection of tracks that weirdly and unexpectedly bring to mind Organized Noize if they supplemented the warped funk they so clearly loved with a healthy dose of dance music. This is most apparent on EP opener "Covenant," which you can hear below, but is a strain throughout each of the four tracks in at least some capacity. The whole thing is available from UNO NYC for a hefty sum of zero dollars, right here.

Download Arca's Debut EP Baron Libre