Download Evian Christ’s Kings and Them Mixtape

Evian Christ

Evian Christ, the anonymous producer whose unannounced series of straight-to-YouTube ambient footwork positioned him as the most exciting new artist of the year, has revealed his name—Joshua Leary, as many speculated—and finally shared high-quality MP3s of those songs. Christ resides in the UK, apparently; he’s 22 years old. While there are no new productions in the set, entitled Kings and Them, all tracks have been remastered and shine brighter than ever. If you downloaded one of the gunky YouTube rips floating around, it’s worth the upgrade. Songs like “Go Girl,” which douses Baby Bash’s 2010 song of the same name with a bucket of oily, electrified slop, now have enough bitrate space for all the beat elements to breathe. Sounds great as ever—better even. And maybe the best news: Leary has signed to Tri Angle, that unparalleled breeding ground for dark electronics, for whom he’s already working on his next release and with whom he’s making his live debut, this Saturday in London.

Download: Evian Christ’s Kings and Them Mixtape

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  3. Anton says:

    “Ambient footwork”? Fucking hell, Duncan, it’s the same kind of “spooky” hip-hop instrumental stuff Tri Angle has been putting out for a while.

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  5. Elisha says:

    Agreed. I really dont see what the big deal about this guy is. His beats are good but there are lots of people doing this better.

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  8. bbbbbbb says:

    stock 808′s. pitched rap. stock soft synths. reverb. innovative eh? stock hype. triangle seems fitting

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