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Stream: Rhye, “Open”

February 02, 2012

Details are being withheld about the identities of the duo behind Rhye. They live in LA, but both have European backgrounds; they're signed to Innovative Leisure, and they're both members of other (possibly well-known) bands. The singer's voice may be recognizable to some: it's immaculate. "Open" is Rhye's first offering, a really lovingly and delicately sung request for someone to stay conscious so you can make out. I think it includes the love-lyric, I'm a fool for your belly, which, on top of all these gentle strings and dancing harp lines, is so uncomplicatedly sweet it makes me sick to my stomach about every half-nice thing I've said that should've been more direct.

Stream: Rhye, "Open"

Posted: February 02, 2012
Stream: Rhye, “Open”