A D’Angelo Live Mixtape Is Better Than No D’Angelo At All


If there was an award for most times an artist has appeared on an internal FADER office wish list to do something (anything), D’Angelo would definitely win it. Pretty much every other year, it seems like we might be getting something new from the dude, and then it doesn’t happen and our hopes are dashed and we get really cynical about music and longevity for about a week. But there’s hope again! D’Angelo is making live appearances and maybe possibly hopefully might be releasing a new album this year. To celebrate (or maybe just because why not?), Okayplayer and Sam Champ cobbled together a mix of good quality live D’Angelo material from over the years. It’s not new, but it’s full of classics, and that is more than fine with us.

Download: D’Angelo Live

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  2. DeeDee says:

    fuck yes!

  3. marc says:

    this soultronics lineup was the best. you can clearly hear Anthony Hamilton on all the backing vox too.

    just great to see D is finally back on stage doing what he was born to do and he’s no longer looking like the ODB. ?uestlove said he’s been practicing guitar 5 hours a day and doing martial arts, so it sounds like he’s Finally primed to truly return

    Brown Sugar and Voodoo more or less invented neo-soul as we know it. I’ve been anticipating a 3rd D’angelo record more than the 3rd Dr. Dre record now for over 12 years

  4. Haze says:

    This was amazing.

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