Video: Lil B, “I Own Swag”

With Valentine’s Day red roses in hand, Lil B responds to David Banner’s summer 2011 track “Swag”, a messy collection of talking points which called young rappers like B and Tyler, the Creator to task for being goofy-dancing atheists. On “I Own Swag” B sings back, You know that I’m more famous than you! and invokes Mac Dre’s “Not My Job,” where the Bay Area legend rapped, I can bust you a rap, but anything else, not my job. Download B’s just released White Flame mixtape here. His next project, God’s Father, is out soon.

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  1. Ya says:

    Honestly who the fuck is David Banner? Sounds like sales rep for some lame company that sells old vegetables.

  2. Chubby Baby says:

    I am a vegetable. But I’m young. I’m a young vegetable.

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  4. mo says:

    true, david banner isn’t really relevant but that does not negate the fact that lil b is an AWFUL rapper. he’s fun to laugh at but i seriously don’t get the fascination with him beyond that. maybe i should try lean…

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  6. Ross says:

    Damn. I nearly forgot about that banner dude