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Video: Ceremony, "World Blue"

"World Blue" is a perfect example of the bridge Ceremony has either crossed or is still crossing—time will tell. What we know for sure is they began on one side of the river as a virulent hardcore band, before confronting the problem of waning aggression. That problem for many hardcore bands has a simple answer: they break up. But Ceremony has stayed together and repurposed what was once crystallized anger into a ball of different emotions. "World Blue," a short song from their upcoming album, Zoo, utilizes confidence, as singer Ross Farrar (with some backup help) bemoans "talking into telephones." He sounds, mostly, brash, but in spite of himself or otherwise, he's also got a bit of pop. The video was directed by Rob Semmer, who gives them a bit of nostalgia, cutting them into grainy black and white fit for TV Party.

Video: Ceremony, "World Blue"