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Download Dean Blunt's The Narcissist II Mix


Dean Blunt of Hype Williams fame has released 30 mixed minutes of new (solo) music, presumably in preparation for his forthcoming LP with Hype Williams-mate Inga Copeland. Though Blunt is totally affecting on his own, the real zenith—or maybe it's a nadir, because this whole thing is dark, dark, dark—is when Copeland shows up about 25 minutes in and they duet over a very classic sounding plodding guitar, one of their poppiest moments to date. The Narcissist II features hints at new directions left and right—Blunt closes the mix with a brief, disarming rap—which extra raises expectations for he and Inga Copeland's Black Is Beautiful LP. The record is credited to their names, not Hype Williams, for what it's worth, and it's out April 17th on Hyperdub.

Download: Dean Blunt's The Narcissist II Mix

Download Dean Blunt's The Narcissist II Mix